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  • Frozen Raw Sansho Peppers

    Raw Sansho peppers frozen immediately after harvesting. Conveniently debranched
  • Indidually packed Sansho Peppers

    Because impurities are thoroughly removed, our peppers have a very strong spice, which is the original taste of sansho pepper, and very little unpleasant taste. - No waste with our 0.2g pack that is used up in one serving! - Our drying...
  • Smoked Tofu Sticks "HYAKU-NI-CHIN"(Sansho flavor)

    This tofu product is made from domestic soybeans and deep sea water from Muroto. Our unique manufacturing method revitalizes the texture of the tofu, and firmly traps the nutritional value and umami. When smoking, we used a special woo...