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 Product Specification Data

Product Code: 1003652 Company Code: 100793 Last Update: 2022/03/11
******* ******************** Product Category
Name of Product Smoked Tofu Sticks "HYAKU-NI-CHIN"(Sansho flavor) JAN Code
Quantity per Case 50 Minimum Order Shelf Life 180 days
Domestic Retail Price ¥276 Storage Condition Normal Temprature ( ℃ and below) Frozen/Chilled Classification No Shelf Life after defrosting
Smoked Tofu Sticks "HYAKU-NI-CHIN"(Sansho flavor)
Detailed Product Information
Weight/Size Weight Length Width Hight
Piece g cm cm cm
Pack g cm cm cm
Case kg cm cm cm
Product Characteristics This tofu product is made from domestic soybeans and deep sea water from Muroto. Our unique manufacturing method
revitalizes the texture of the tofu, and firmly traps the nutritional value and umami. When smoking, we used a special wood
chip blend of "Shimanto Devil-skinned chestnut" and "Cherry blossom wood" to create a rich scent. Topped with Japanese pepper that has a refreshing scent.
Serving Suggestion Open the seal and enjoy.Convenient for a light snack on the go, or to match with beer, sake, and wine. It's the perfect size for a snack when you're a little hungry.
Highlight and Warning  
Sales Period Year Round
Intended Use
Overview Information
Ingredients soybean(domestic), soy sauce(including wheat), pepper,
sugar, mirin
Origin of Major Ingredients  
Net Content 40g
Storage Condition After opening, store in a refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
Certification Mark  
Manufacturing Plant Information
Manufacturing Company TANAKASHOKU Co., Ltd.
Location Kochi city, Kochi
PL Insurance No Metal Detector Yes X-Ray Detector No
Approval & Certification  
Company TANAKASHOKU Co., Ltd. HP
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