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  • Yuzu drink

    Made with domestic materials: Yuzu from Kochi Prefecture and sugar beet from Hokkaido. Extra thick 7.5% yuzu juice.
  • Yuzu sorbet

    Sorbet using yuzu from Kochi prefecture. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and scent of yuzu. Delicious on a hot summer day, but also after taking a bath or after a hotpot meal in the winter.
  • Yuzu Pepper Paste 500g

    Only domestic grown salted green pepper and domestic yuzu are used. No additives. The spicy taste of salty green pepper and the scent of yuzu add a subtle and rich flavor. It is a seasoning that can add a stimulating accent to both mea...
  • Tosa Reihoku Sesame Seeds Dressing

    A deep aroma of sesame seeds combines with the refreshing scent of citron, and has no lingering aftertaste. Can be used vegetable salad, or with the addition of tofu and cheese.
  • BIJOFU Yuzu

    Full of fresh fragrance and earthy tartness, Kochi grown yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus fruit ) is highly regarded throughout Japan. Freshly-squeezed yuzu juice and liquid sugar are blended with Bijofu sake to make Bijoufu Yuzu, a s...
  • MUTEMUKA Yuzu Liqueur

    Yuzu liqueur with plenty of Shimanto Town Yuzu. Enjoy the Yuzu-specific refreshing acidity.
  • Umaji yuzu vinegar or Sushi 360ml

    In Umaji Village, people have been eating sushi with yuzu-flavored vinegared rice for a very long time. Its taste is a commodity that can be enjoyed with this one bottle.
  • Squeezed Yuzu juice 500ml (Unsalted)

    We squeezed the entire yuzu fruit into this drink. Blessed with clean water and delicious air, Yuzu in Umaji Village is characterized by a refreshing and rich scent.
  • Yuzu no Mura (Soy Sauce Vinagerette Yuzu flavor)

    Ponzu soy sauce with bonito broth. It is recommended not only as a saucer for hot pots, but also as a sauce for dressings and gyoza. The refreshing scent of yuzu is an appetizing gem.
  • "Gokkun Umajimura" Yuzu Drink

    A honey and yuzu softdrink made with the concept of "drinks that are safe and healthy for children" and "as close to water as possible".

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