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  • BIJOFU Yuzu

    Full of fresh fragrance and earthy tartness, Kochi grown yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus fruit ) is highly regarded throughout Japan. Freshly-squeezed yuzu juice and liquid sugar are blended with Bijofu sake to make Bijoufu Yuzu, a s...
  • BIJOFU Tokubetsujunmai

    Sake with a rice polishing rate of 60%. It's not just light and dry, but also has a good balance of sourness and umami.
  • AKITORA Junmai Yamada Nishiki 80%

    It is characterized by a solid taste with a sense of body and good sharpness. It is a taste that can only be produced by Yamada Nishiki, a rice specially grown for brewing sake. It goes well with dishes with a strong taste and can ...
  • AKITORA Junmai

    It has a refreshing and gentle aroma and a pleasant taste that is typical of Junmaishu. It has a taste that is representative of the AKITORA brewery, and is recommended to enjoy during meals. Tastes great both chilled or warm.
  • MUTEMUKA Yuzu Liqueur

    Yuzu liqueur with plenty of Shimanto Town Yuzu. Enjoy the Yuzu-specific refreshing acidity.
  • TOSATSURU Ginjoshu "Azure"

    A new type of ginjoshu that is smooth, crisp, and has a refreshing aftertaste. Please enjoy the refreshing and transparent taste and aroma produced by the powerful fermentation of deep sea water.
  • TOSATSURU Tokubetsu Jumnai

    Tosatsuru's Tokubetsu Junmai with a meticulously crafted silky mouthfeel. Cool it a little with your favorite dish and enjoy it in a glass. The mellow swelling unique to Tokubetsu junmai makes your precious moments a little richer ...
  • KEIGETSU Sparking Sake "Hao"

    Made with 45% polished "Gin no Yume", a rice from the Reihoku region of Kochi that is suitable for sake brewing. It is a luxurious rice wine that lets you feel the mellowness of a premium rice wine while also having the refreshing f...
  • Keigetsu "Sake Nature"

    In the rice terraces of the Reihoku region, where the sake brewery is located, specialize in cultivating rice, called "Gin no Yume", that is grown with only organic fertilizer to be especially suitable for brewing rice wine. Our "Sa...

    Very popular with women! Sake liqueur with a refreshing scent of yuzu. Due to the exquisite balance of reduced sweetness, it goes well with a wide range of dishes as an aperitif.

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